The World Drum thoughts and experiences after nine years journey

  • About

    The World Drum Project was initiated October 2006 after Whitecougar received a vision about a drum that was to go from hand to hand and from land to land with the message about peace towards nature ans peace between man.
    The World Drum`s main message and aim is to Unite, cooperate and heal.

    The World Drum Project is an environmental- and peace related project meant to
    be a wakeup call to humanity to focus on the situation we see on our world today with
    conflicts and war`s, where we overconsume and keep on with a hazardous exploitation of Mother Earth`s resources. We cannot have limitless growth on a planet with limited resources.
    It is all about creating a change in our consciousness and what we as individuals can
    do to reinstate our spiritual relationship to Mother Earth.

    The World Drum itself was created from a spiritual viewpoint of life and is a
    Shamandrum made in Sami (indigenous people of Norway) tradition style. It is the
    manifestation of the vision, and is to be seen as a symbol of the circle of life and that
    we all are connected.
    The vision is to bind people together across race, religion, borders, cultures, ethnicity, colours or political conviction in a common struggle for humanity and Mother Earth.
    We are all humans on this one planet, and the time is now to coorporate, not to

    The World Drum Project is an idealistic and non-profit organization and do not
    receive any kind of economic support. So far The World Drum have been on a
    journey for over 9 years and visited over 687 (April 15.2016) different locations around the globe, and the journey continues.

    ”The Web” is weaving, and we must all Unite and work together if we are to have a
    planet that we may pass on as a heritage to our children and the next 7 generations
    which they can be able to live in and in interaction with.

    ”As The World Drum travels the sound of it gets stronger each day.
    It is the sound of heartbeat and life itself”

  • Purpose

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