The TWD journey around the world

TWD - Canada

TWD - Unusual way of transport in The Netherlands

TWD - Nashville, Tennessee, US

TWD - Hungary

TWD - Arrived Peru

TWD - Art Farewell, Canada

TWD - Spirit Matters, Canada

TWD - Sidney, Australia

TWD - Buddhist Prayer, The Phillipines

TWD - Walking for Nations, across Canada

TWD - Canada

TWD - Lothlorien, France

TWD - Gift from the passing Swan, Stavanger, Norway

TWD - Ceremony, Stavanger, Norway

TWD - Ceremony Storlavvo, Gratangen, Norway

TWD - Ceremony The Republic of Tuva

Here is a small compilation (10:40 minutes) of photos from around the world. (description of place will be added)

We have thousands of photos, lots of video, drawings and writings from people who have experienced The World Drum

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